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Benefits of the PLGC II Gas Chromatograph

Specifications of the PLGC II Gas Chromatograph

Click here for the complete brochure on the PLGC II Gas Chromatograph (PDF - 2.18 MB)

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The PLGC II has now been replaced by the new PLGC 3

Gas Chromatograph - for Natural Gas Pipeline and Shale Gas Process Applications

The PLGC II Gas Chromatograph measures btu, natural gas, lng, ngl, hydrocarbons. It is compact and low cost and equipped with a universal thermal conductivity detector. A gas chromatograph that is small, compact, low cost and equipped with a universal thermal conductivity detector, the PLGC II offers a wide range of applications where hydrocarbon gas or fixed gas analysis is required, such as in BTU measurement for the natural gas industry (measure BTU at custody transfer station). We feel it is the best gas chromatograph on the market today.

The PLGC II is a fully automated system designed to perform on-line gas chromatograpy, real-time analysis. The Windows® based configuration software allows the user to view recent or saved chromatograms as well as configure the analyzer.

  • 24 volt DC operation (optional 110/220 VAC)

  • Division II electrical classification standard (Div I and Atex Zone II approved units are optional)

  • Thermistor TCD detector

  • No instrument air

  • Low helium consumption

  • Reliability

  • Low maintenance

  • Small, compact package

  • 15 minute or 5 minute cycle times available

natural gas chromatograph

Features of the PLGC II Gas Chromatograph

Highly sensitive low-temperature TCD

Single, Compact Gas Chromatograph Unit

State-of-the-art Electronics

User Friendly Software

Advanced Networking and Data Communications

Historical Data

Airless Heat Sink Oven

Durable Valves

Micro-packed Columns

Gas Chromatograph
Power Options

Rugged Industrial Design

Custom Designed Sample Systems


Applications of the PLGC II Gas Chromatograph

The PLGC II is capable of 16 individual component measurements and various calculated values:

  • C1, C2, C3, IC4, NC4, IC5, NC5, C6+, C6, C7+, N2, CO2, CO, O2 & H2S

  • Energy Measurement (C6+ or C7+) / Calculated Values

  • Heating Value/BTU, Specific Gravity, Compressibility and Wobbe Index (GPA 2172-96, 2145-03 and ISO 15112)

Originally designed for use on natural gas pipelines, the PLGC II instrument is capable of a variety of other natural gas applications including:

Transmission / Custody Transfer

  • Custody transfer stations

  • Metering stations


  • City gate measurement

  • Large industrial / commercial consumers

Gas Processing

  • Inlet Gas

  • Sales / Outlet Gas

Upstream / Field Gathering

  • Sour Gas Pipeline Blending

NGL, GTL and LNG Plants

  • De-ethernizer

  • De-propenizer unit

  • De-butzanizer unit

  • Liquids / condensate unit

Bio-Gas Plants, Land-Fill Gas Recovery Units, Power Plants

  • Power Generation

  • Gas Turbine Control

Amine Units

  • Acid Gas Inlet

  • Outlet

Features of the PLGC II

Highly sensitive low-temperature TCD
A highly sensitive low-temperature TCD provides accurate mol% and PPM level measurements. It is not prone to plugging as with Micro-TCD’s or burnout on loss of carrier gas as with high-temperature TCD’S. Robust TCD also withstands high levels of H2S.

Single, Compact Gas Chromatograph Unit
At 14’’X12’’X8’’ (36X31X20 cm) and 35 lbs (15.9 kgs) for Class 1 Div 2 the PLGC II is small. This tiny footprint makes it easy to wall mount the 902 or fit into analyser shelters. Also, installation is simple because the controller and analyser are in one unit versus traditional two unit transmitter-analyser unit design.

State-of-the-art Electronics
The PLGC II’s electronics platform exploits a powerful 32bit ARM7 CPU for superior control, an advanced 24 bit A/D converter for outstanding resolution of the readings. The additional computing power enables it to handle a variety of stream configurations. The dual processor platform also includes a real-time clock with backup battery to ensure accurate logging of readings and 6MB of memory capable of storing 10,000 readings.

User Friendly Software
An operator familiar with traditional gas chromatography operation will find the Galvanic PLGC II software familiar, and remarkably easy to use. With the Windows- based graphical user interface software on a PC, an operator can set up networking settings, review or modify analytical settings, upload and display chromatograms, and analyse results.

Advanced Networking and Data Communications
The PLGC II is able to operate standalone, connected via DCS or fully networked into a plant system. The programmable Modbus list is fully configurable and the unit can be connected to RS-485, R-232 or Ethernet networks. Also, a user can control the PLGC II – both locally and remotely – using Galvanic’s PC software.

Historical Data
Storage of 10,000 items is possible. Users can set reading parameters such as time (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, each analysis) and averages (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, each analysis). The analyser also includes an audit trail with time, date and stream stamping.

Airless Heat Sink Oven
An airless heat sink oven maintains a constant temperature of columns, valves and TCD for reliable and accurate results.

Durable Valves
The PLGC II uses industry-leading Valco valves. Tough and long lasting, the valves are guaranteed for up to 5 million injections. Simple mechanical design makes it easy and inexpensive to service.

Micro-packed Columns
Columns are manufactured by Galvanic to ensure quality and consistency. Consistent and reproducible product ensures reliable results over the lifetime of the gas chromatograph.

Power Options
Available in both DC and AC configurations, the PLGC II can be used in a variety of facilities and locations.

Rugged Industrial Design
The PLGC II was specifically developed as an online chromatograph for tough operational conditions. The unit is constructed from the highest-grade industrial parts and materials, and available in either explosion proof Class I Div.1 or Class I Div 2.

Custom Designed Sample Systems
Galvanic can design custom sample systems for a variety of applications tailored to customer requirements. Sample systems can range from simple BTU measurement of sales gas to natural gas fractionation of NGL and LNG faculties.

A report generating feature allows users to generate printable reports. In addition to providing the PLGC II’s standard measured readings and calculated values, these reports can provide additional values such as relative density, GPM, vapour pressure, liquid volume % for each component and other totalized readings. The reports can also be customized to include location, technician name and comments.

Other Options
Other options for the analyser include:

  • Hydrogen carrier gas for C6+ BTU analysis

  • Sample Probes

  • Shelters and Enclosures


Click here for the Application Sheet (PDF - 19K)

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