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Measure manganese in potable water


Manganese in drinking water is objectionable primarily because its precipitation alters the appearance of water, turning is a turbid yellowbrown to black. In addition, the precipitate will cause staining of plumbing fixtures and laundry. The presence of manganese in water supplies has been associated with the growth of micro-organisms in distribution systems.

This growth can lead to reductions in pipeline carrying capacity and the clogging of meters and valves. Sloughing of the accumulations often leads to adverse consumer reaction including complaints about taste and odor.

Well yields are frequently erduced by manganese deposits which clog well screens.

Subsequently, water treatment plants often use Manganese removal systems to cope with this problem. Frequent analysis of Manganese levels with the Tytronics'® Sentinel series can help monitor the effectiveness of such systems.


Tytronics’ Sentinel is an on-line colorimetric analyzer.

One analyzer can be used to measure Manganese in both:

  • incoming water at levels of 0-200 ppb;

  • final effluent levels of 0-25 ppb.

The instrument uses a batch sampling technique that allows the use of 0.25” tubing for sample lines, so small amounts of solids will not affect instrument performance. Other advantages of batch sampling are that analytical results are not affected by sample and reagent flows, and analyses are only performed as frequently as required, minimizing reagent consumption.


manganese in water


  • Provides continuous on-line analysis of water or wastewater stream;

  • Ensures maximum reliability;

  • Includes self-checking for easy diagnostics;

  • Minimizes sampling requirements;

  • Multiple communication ports, including bidirectional RS 232.


  • Programmable from 1 to 10 methods for a single analysis compound;

  • Up to 3 different calibration methods;

  • Eight relay outputs, multi-programmable on each relay;

  • Alarm functions, including sample flow, reagent level detection;

  • From 1 to 6 stream configurations standard.

Use our Tytronics Sentinel for measuring manganese in drinking water

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