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Measure fluoride in potable water - 0 to 2 ppm


One of the accepted methods for the measurement of fluoride in drinking water is that of using a fluoride ion selective electrode (ISE).

The advantages of using a fluoride ion selective electrode includes:

  • The analysis method is straightforward

  • Results are not affected by color or turbidity

  • Response is fast

Interferences from pH, aluminum, iron and silica are eliminated by the use of a total ion strength buffer (TISAB).

Tytronics'® Sentinel ISE

The Tytronics'® Sentinel ISE is an on-line ISE analyzer, which measures fluoride using a fluoride ISE. The analyzer uses a batch sampling technique. All the sample tubing is 1/4" and consequently small amounts of solids will not affect instrument performance.

Other advantages of batch sampling are:

  • Analytical results are not affected by sample and reagent flows

  • Analyses are only performed as frequently as required thus minimizing reagent consumption


Tytronics'® Sentinel ISE uses the single known addition (SKA) measurement technique for every analysis. This SKA method provides both more accurate and more consistent results than obtained using a direct electrode measurement. A 20 ml of sample is captured, TISAB is added, and then an aliquot of standard fluoride solution is added. From the values of the measured potentials, before and after the addition, the original sample concentration is determined.

METHOD The advantage of the SKA technique is that electrode drift is compensated. The slope of the response of the ISE electrode is automatically obtained using the SKA method on a standard of known fluoride content.



  • Duplicates, on-line, the laboratory method (ISE electrode)

  • Adds TISAB reagent to alleviate problems due to sample pH fluctuations

  • Measures free and bound fluoride by the addition of CDTA through TISAB reagent

  • Uses the SKA technique for every analysis so results unaffected by electrode drift

  • Automatic slope calibration

Use our Tytronics Sentinel for measuring fluoride in water

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