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The 903W H2S Analyzer Total Sulphur Analyzer

903W H2S Analyzer

903W H2S Natural Gas Analyzer

Galvanicís 903 W H2S Analyzer is designed to measure H2S in gaseous streams. The detection system is based on the highly accurate and specific lead acetate tape method. The 903ís patented analysis algorithm improves repeatability and linearity, while also increasing dynamic range without the need for dilution. This analyzer will support ranges up to 0-2000 ppm without dilution.


Benefits of the 903W H2S Analyzer /
Total Sulphur Analyzer

  • H2S specific measurement

  • Rapid response to both increasing or decreasing H2S levels

  • Low operation and maintenance costs

  • Superior precision and accuracy

  • Exceptional wide dynamic range

  • Unique over-range capability

  • Smooth, continuous operation from Galvanic TAPE ASSURANCE SYSTEM

  • Optical encoder to accurately monitor tape usage

  • Remote diagnostics via serial or ethernet communications

  • Self-diagnostics for troubleshooting

  • Variety of interface and connection options

  • CSA certified for Class 1, Div 2 Groups B,C, and D, T3

  • Analysis according to ASTM methods D4084-94, D4323-97 and D4468-95

Features of the 903W H2S Analyzer /
Total Sulphur Analyzer

Optical Tape Counter
Optical tape counter ensures exact spacing of stains as well as keeping track of tape consumption. Tape life of 5-14 weeks can be expected, depending on the application.

Advanced Digital Sensor at Measurement Point
AD converter is located at the sensor increasing further accuracy by eliminating noise associated with transmitting analog signals.

Proprietary Humidifier
Unique humidifier design using permeable membrane reduces dead volume providing faster response time.

Hazardous Area
Certified to CSA (C/US ) Class 1, Div 2 Groups B,C, and D, T3

User Friendly Software
Easy-to-use Windows-based PC software with graphical user interface for monitoring and analyzer configuration. Can be used while laptop is connected to front of analyzer or remotely via serial link or ethernet.

Indicator Lights
10 LE D indicator lights provide quick status.

Galvanicís ISO 9001-2008 quality assured tapes work together with a specially designed mechanical and optoelectronic system to ensure smooth and continuous operation.

Enhanced Data-Logging (512 kb)
Up to 10 months of data-logging provides user complete audit trail for troubleshooting and report generation.

Advanced Diagnostics
Feedback from microprocessors mounted on sensor block provide detailed diagnostics information such as sensor status, tape movement, tape length remaining, and temperature.

Field Programmable Memory
Easy to upgrade analyzer firmware with laptop via USB port or network connection.

Intrinsically Safe (IS) Keypad
16 button IS keypad allows user to configure and monitor unit without opening explosion proof enclosure.

USB Port
Compatible with current laptops with no need for serial adapter.

128 x 64 LCD Screen
Large LCD screen provides information at a glance.

Dual Redundant Power Supply
All units capable of running on AC or DC power, or DC-backed AC power.

No Cross-Interferences
Specific measurement of H2S with no interferences from sulfur species or the gas matrix.

Rapid Alarm
Responds in less than 20 seconds when H2S levels exceed pre-set levels.

Superior Accuracy
Linearity and repeatability of Ī1% on ranges up to 0-2000 ppm. Advanced electronics and patented algorithm provide superior measurement to competing analyzers.

High Sensitivity
Sensitivity as low as 10ppb.

Extended Range
Measures H2S up to 2,000 ppm without adding a dilution system.

Over-Range Capability
Wide dynamic range provides measurement of H2S levels well past the instrumentís set range.

Other Options

  • Custom Shelters: Galvanic offers complete analyzer shelters from sun shades to complete buildings

  • Custom Sample Systems: Galvanic designs custom sample systems for customerís specific requirements

  • Ethernet communication

  • Total sulfur option

Applications of the 903W H2S Analyzer /
Total Sulphur Analyzer

Natural Gas Processing

  • H2S Concentration at plant Inlet

  • Product quality at plant outlet

Natural Gas Pipelines

  • Product quality at custody transfer station

Synthetic Natural Gas (e.g. Coal Gasification)

  • Catalyst protection / product quality

Gas Compression (LNG, GTL & NGL)

  • Catalyst protection / corrosion control

  • Product quality


  • H2S in fuel gas (EPA reporting)

Petrochemical Feedstock

  • Catalyst protection

  • Product quality

Fuel Cell

  • PB measurement of H2S and sulfur Emission Monitoring

  • Stack analysis

About H2S & Total Sulfur Lead Acetate

The lead acetate tape method for the detection of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and Total Sulfur in gaseous streams is based on the established principle that H2S reacts specifically with lead acetate to form a brown lead sulfide stain.

The concentration of H2S is directly proportional to the rate of change of staining on the lead acetate tape. This principle is the basis for a number of ASTM methods, and is by far the most reliable and simplest way to measure H2S in process.

The analyzer moves the treated paper tape one section at a time. Depending on the sample concentration, the tape will begin to darken at a rate proportional to the concentration of H2S in the sample stream. The analyzer exposes a fresh section of tape to the sample inside the sample chamber every 3 minutes.

The lead acetate series of H2S analyzers are third generation systems designed to meet increasing demands for low-level measurement in pipelines and process. The models to choose from are the 903WTS and the 903.

Our analyzers are designed with the following in mind:

  • Low maintenance

  • Extended tape life

  • Fast speed of response (under 20 sec. to alarm)

  • Low power consumption

  • Optional total sulfur measurement

  • Multiple streams

  • Auto calibration

  • Remote communications


Specifications of the 903W H2S Analyzer / Total Sulfur Analyzer

PDF Brochure of the 903W H2S Analyzer / Total Sulfur Analyzer

Application Sheet (PDF)

Application Sheet (Word doc)

Manual (PDF)

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