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NGL (Natural Gas Liquids) Fractionation Process and Quality Control for Natural Gas Plants

Typical Process: Fractionation towers are used to separate ethane, propane, butane and condensate into individual pure products. To control the process and ensure the quality of the product gas chromatographs can be used to measure the in inlets, overheads and bottoms. A field proven online gas will improve outputs.

Galvanic Advantage: Galvanic’s accurate, rugged and versatile PLGC II Natural Gas Chromatograph allows the user to analyse up to 8 different steams within a gas plant. The PLGC II can analyze a number of sample steams on the same unit. Unlike other gas chromatographs the PLGCII only requires a single 10 or 12 component calibration gas to operate accurately on a wide range of concentrations.

Galvanic’s sophisticated sample conditioning systems can vaporize streams up to butane. Meanwhile, sample isolation is maintained via pneumatically actuated double block and bleed valves.

One PLGCII can be used to measure up to 8 different streams and up to 16 different components including C1-C7+. Analysis time for a measurement of up C7+ is a maximum of 6 minutes, whereas it can be as low as 3 minutes when analysing fewer components.

Diagram: PLGC II Measurements Point in NGL Fractionation


Click here to view Galvanic's PLGC II Natural Gas Chromatograph

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