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How do you assure consistent, headache-free chemical analysis for process control and optimization when you have multiple streams to monitor and/or difficult or dirty samples? How can you be confident that you’ll know the moment your potable water or wastewater is at risk of being out of regulatory-compliance standards? How do you make the best use of your staff resources? With continuous real-time, on-line analysis by Galvanic’s AccuColor Colorimetric Analyzer. 

Like all Galvanic analyzers, AccuColor is easy to operate and maintain, even by novice users with minimal chemical background or training. Simple menu-driven, graphical display with instructions guides the user every step of the way − from initial calibration to programming analysis parameters and alarms − to automated-analysis. A unique sample-capture and delivery system assures precise, repeatable sample volume; sample-capture volume can range from five to 30 ml, enabling the analyzer to be used for ppb as well as ppm levels of measurement. Wide-bore sample-inlet tubing minimizes blockages, allowing even high-turbidity sample to be handled readily. Flexible and modular, analyzers can be configured to perform many standard, as well as special chemical methods and customized applications, including EPA and ASTM wet chemical methods.

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  • Runs in a fully automated moAccde for routine daily monitoring of process streams, including full automatic recalibration & internal cleaning (as required) at predetermined intervals 
  • Modbus & Ethernet communication enabling analyzer status and results to be available anywhere and anytime)
  • Digital input control for remote control operation of analysis and calibration 
  • Multi-stream capability to enable monitoring for the same chemical parameter at different concentration ranges with a single analyzer
  • External device control for external interfaces such as preliminary sample digestion, large scale dilution, and separatory extraction prior to analysis
  • Rugged design for long life under harsh operating conditions
  • Internal sample fast loop and rapid reaction electrodes provide rapid analyzer response for efficient process control
  • Intrinsically safe analyzer system and electronics permitting need for Z-purge of electronics in Class 1 Div 2 areas 
  • Modular design provides quick access and easy maintenance throughout
  • Unmatched price-to-performance ratio

Selected Industries & Applications

  •  Chlor-Alkali - Hardness, Sulfite, Phenol, Sulfate, Sulfide
Copper Mining/Refining
  • Chloride contamination - Copper, Chloride, Sulfate
  • Drinking Water - Alkalinity, Aluminium, Chlorine, Color, Copper, Fluoride, Hardness, Iron, Manganese, Phosphate
  • Wastewater - Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphorus
Oil  & Refining/Petrochemical 
  • Process Water - Hydrazine, Hydrogen Sulfide, Silica, Sodium, Vanadium, Zinc
  • Power Plant Water - Ammonia, Chlorine, Copper, Hydrazine, Molybdenum, Silica, Silver
Surface Finishing
  • Electroplating - Copper, Chromium, Cyanide
Pulp & Paper
  • Paper Coatings - Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Phosphate
  • Process Water - Alkalinity, Bromide, Chloride, Copper, Fluoride, Nickel, Sulfide

Available models

Choose the AccuColor analyzer that’s right for your specific application needs

Model Description Selected Analyte/Parameters
Colorimeter AccuColor uses colorimetric sensors to measure the induced optical absorption produced as a result of reaction of the component with reagents to form a colored complex. The system’s dual-wavelength optical configuration and an auto-blank feature compensate for background color and turbidity. A submerged optical probe measures the absorbance of the solution after reaction of sample and reagents; color produced by chemical reaction is directly proportional to the analyte being measured. The probe is cleaned and rinsed between analyses, thus eliminating the problems of optics fouling. The standard probe is made of PVDF and the reflector of Hastelloy C, which provides excellent chemical resistance. The probe can be supplied in three different optical path lengths (1, 2 and 4 cm), determined by concentration. True multi-featured two-point calibration technique enables routine check of trace analysis by simply using distilled water. A periodic check of span standard can also be performed easily. • Aluminum
• Chlorine (free & total)
• Chromium
• Copper
• Hardness in brine
• Iron
• Manganese
• Phosphate
• Silica
Custom Options Modular and flexible, the AccuColor system can be configured to accommodate most special-analysis methods. To speak with a Galvanic applications expert, call +1.866.252.8470, or email

Download Specifications PDF

Talk to a Galvanic Applications Expert

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  • AccuColor™

    Unique Sample-Capture System

    Our patented sample-capture technique provides the simplest and most reliable method of capturing a reproducible volume of sample.

  • AccuColor™

    Wide-bore Sample-Inlet Tubing

    Minimizes blockages, allowing even high-turbidity samples to be handled readily.

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