TDL H2S, CO2, H2O Analyzer

AccuLase-GPA™ TDL H2S, CO2, H2O Analyzer

The only tunable diode laser (TDL) analyzer that measures H2S, CO2, and H2O using 1 Herriot Cell.

AccuLase-GPA™ was designed for specific natural gas and refinery applications. AccuLase is backed by 40 years of experience in the natural gas industry.

AccuLase-GPA™ uses a proprietary measurement cell that detects H2S down to 0.15 ppm, rivaling the capabilities of lead-acetate tape technology. AccuLase-GPA™ is specific to H2S without methane, CO2, or benzene interferences. Since AccuLase-GPA™ does not require a scrubber system, the response time is rapid. AccuLase-GPA™ can measure up to 4 streams.

Are you looking to avoid pipeline network “lock-out,” corrosion, or off-spec product? Do you need to automate custody transfer validation or better ensure contractual/regulatory compliance? Then AccuLase is the analyzer you need for operational certainty.

Measurement Certainty

0.15 ppm LDL H2S Sensitivity
  • Proprietary Herriott Cell

No Background Scrubber Required
  • On-Board Pump Prevents Methane / CO2 Interferences

Multi-Stream Up to 4 Pipelines
  • Cost-Effective Solution for Custody Transfer

Minimal Hands-On Maintenance
  • No Consumables, Automatic Calibration

Certified for Hazardous Areas
  • No Purge or Instrument Air Required
Single Cell Analysis
  • H2S, CO2, H2O in Small Footprint Configuration

Available models

AccuLase-GPA TDL H2S Analyzer ATEX / IECEx Div. 1 Div. 2
Power Option(s) 24 VDC or 90-240 VAC 24 VDC or 90-240 VAC 90-240 VAC
Power Consumption 80 Watts DC or 110 AC 80 Watts DC or 110 AC 230 Watts AC
Enclosure Cast Aluminium Cast Aluminium Painted Steel or Stainless Steel
Weight / Dimensions 36" x 40" x 11" / 190 lbs. 36" x 40" x 11" / 190 lbs. 52" x 25" x 13" / 100 lbs.

Look Closer

  • AccuLase-GPA™

    Simple Sample Conditioning

    Panel-Mounted Pressure Regulation and Filtration Ensure Sample Meets Analyzer Requirements

    No Laser Damage if H2O or Glycol Gets Passed Filter. Worst Case is Lost Sensitivity From Mirror Contamination Which Can Be Rectified With Cleaning Using Methanol.

    If Gas / Liquid Penetrates Laser Chamber, Gas Exits Vent Line and Condensables Settle at Bottom of Cell.

    Diagnostic Alarm Indicates Over-Range Invalid Readings.

  • AccuLase-GPA™

    Advanced Laser Assembly

    Includes a Proprietary Herriot Cell and On-Board Pump For Maximum Sensitivity

    Vacuum Pump Reduces Cell Pressure to Below Atmospheric to Minimize Cross Interferences (CO2, Methane)

    Pump Allows AccuLase to Directly Measure H2S Without Using a Scrubber (Indirect Subtraction Method).

    Proprietary Wavelength Used to Accurately Measure H2S

  • AccuLase-GPA™

    Secure Remote Access

    Local Area Network GUI Runs on Any Web Browser for Safe Remote Analyzer Control.

  • AccuLase-GPA™

    Large Local Display

    5.7” Color LCD Display With Extendable Keypad 

  • AccuLase-GPA™

    Minimal Hands-On Maintenance

    Replace the SCS Filter Membrane Quarterly and the Pump Diaphragm Annually.

    Quarterly Calibration Validation is Recommended

    Mirrors Can Be Cleaned Using Methanol If Required (eg. Moisture Accumulation).

    Diagnostic Alarm Will Alert Operators if Mirrors Have Moisture On Them

  • AccuLase-GPA™

    Multi-Stream Up to 4 Pipelines

    Rapid Solenoid Valve Stream Switching Cycle

    All Streams Are 10 psi and 3 L/min.

Learn How AccuLase-GPA Supports Your Natural Gas H2S Application