Sulfur-Recovery Analyzers

Brimstone™ Sulfur Recovery Analyzers

Direct coupled tail gas and pit gas analyzer for sulfur recovery units. Monitors H2S, SO2, COS and CS2 and calculates air demand.

Brimstone analyzers support tail gas, pit gas, and acid gas SRU applications. Galvanic is well known as the leader in process analyzers used to optimize sulfur-recovery units. We put 25 years of applications know-how and engineering prowess into the rugged, user-friendly design of the UV-spectrophotometer-based Brimstone analyzer line.

The Brimstone family includes a full line of analyzers designed to assure quality, efficiency, and compliance throughout the entire sulfur-recovery process: an acid gas analyzer to assess the inlet stream, a tail-gas analyzer to control air demand during the Claus process, a pit-gas analyzer to optimize and monitor the captured sulfur during the process, and a continuous emissions monitor to assure that stack gas complies with environmental regulations. Enhanced CCD UV spectroscopy delivers extremely fast, accurate results. Engineered for low-maintenance performance with no moving parts, Galvanic’s Brimstone analyzers free up operators to focus on other critical functions.


One-of- a-Kind Tail and Pit Gas Analyzer; with H2S, SO2, CS2 and COS monitoring capabilities

The Brimstone is a unique tail & pit gas analyzer that monitors H2S, SO2, CS2 and COS and is capable of direct coupling to the process. Direct coupling provides the Brimstone with the ability to control sulfur vapor removal more efficiently. Galvanic’s proprietary probe design eliminates plugging problems associated with heated transfer lines. In addition, the Brimstone uses Chemometrics to measure all four key components; H2S, SO2, CS2 and COS simultaneously. This is a superior method because it measures absorption at 256 points versus the standard single point analysis. 

As the only tail & pit gas analyzer with these combined capabilities and features, the Brimstone is a truly exceptional and innovative product that provides unique process analysis in sulfur-recovery.

Measurement Certainty

Condensing Probe
  • Condensation in Process Line to Reduce Maintenance
  • ≤ 5 sec Response Due to Reduced Sample Transport Time 
Robust Sample System
  • Handles Very High Sulfur Vapor to Reduce Risk of Plugging
Full UV Spectrum Analysis
  • Superior Performance to Optical Filters
  • Non-Consumable Liquid that is replaceable for optimum performance
Split Oven & Controller Configuration Option
  • Up to 5m Separation to Replace Analyzers With Sample Lines
Double Air Demand (DAD)
  • Reduces Tail Gas Bypassing & Protects SRU From Excursions


Technical Information
  • Brimstone 943-DAD (Double Air Demand)
  • Brimstone 943-TGX
  • Brimstone 202-SPX
  • Brimstone 962-AGX
  • Brimstone 943-TGX O&M Manual (Available upon request)
  • Brimstone 943-TGX Hybrid O&M Manual (Available upon request)
  • Brimstone 943-TGX CE O&M Manual (Available upon request)
  • Brimstone 943-TGS-CE O&M Manual (Available upon request)
  • Brimstone 962-AGX O&M Manual (Available upon request)

Available models

Models Benefits
Acid Gas Analyzer • Monitors the concentration of H2S in the acid gas feed to the sulfur-recovery unit
• Provides information for feed-forward control of main air valve
Tail Gas Analyzer • Monitors the H2S, SO2, COS and CS2 concentration in the sulfur-recovery unit’s tail gas
• Provides information for feed-back control of the trim air valve
Sulfur Pit Analyzer • Monitors the H2S and SO2 concentration in the vapor head space of the sulfur pit
   o Assures that H2S concentration does not exceed the lower explosive limit for H2S
   o Provides early warning of potential smoldering fires

Look Closer

  • Brimstone™

    Closed-Coupled Process Connection

    Eliminates the need for heated sample lines.

  • Brimstone™

    Proprietary Sample Probe

    Galvanic’s proprietary probe design offers superior sulfur vapor control, eliminating plugging problems associated with heated transfer lines.

  • Brimstone™

    Intrinsically Safe Keypad

    An intrinsically safe external keypad provides full menu access for the high-resolution display, enabling at-a-glance status and results. View analysis results, previous calibration information, and alarms on the spot, without opening the enclosure. The analyzer can also be controlled remotely via Ethernet and a Web-based graphical user interface

  • Brimstone™

    Enhanced 2048 Pixel CCD Array & Stable, Broadband Deuterium Light Source

    The Brimstone’s 2048 pixel CCD array measures absorbance over a wide range of wavelengths, eliminating the inaccuracies associated with bandpass filters. The broadband deuterium light source provides unparalleled stability.

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