SulfurChrome™ GC

For Sulfur Content Determination

SulfurChromeâ„¢ GC For Sulfur Content Determination

Do you need to monitor odorant levels in hydrocarbons? That requires high-sensitivity detection and measurement of the individual sulfur components. Some natural gas pipeline custody-transfer applications also require detailed reporting of sulfur and its various components. Galvanic’s SulfurChrome online gas chromatograph makes it easy, enabling simultaneous, real-time measurement of all sulfur compounds down to the 5 ppb level.


Speciated Sulfur Measurement For Accurate Process Analysis

Due to the reactive nature of sulfur compounds, calibration standards containing multiple sulfur components are normally unstable. This is particularly true at the lower ppm levels. However, this problem is eliminated with the SulfurChrome analyzer. Its equal and selective response allows the standard to be made up with a single least reactive sulfur component in an inert background gas such as nitrogen. This standard is then available for on-line auto calibration and reference check functions. The system equally easy to operate and maintain, with user-configurable alarms, range, streams, and valve times. Inert silco-steel capillary columns are used for sulfur separation, providing long life and trouble-free operation. Sulfur separations can be made isothermally out to C4 mercaptans in fewer than 10 minutes. Standard outputs are 4-20 ma. Modbus communication is available.

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  • Equimolar response to all sulfurs
  • Linearity from ppb to percent concentrations
  • Sulfur specific, no known interferences
  • Single component standard used for calibration
  • Electrically heated reaction, no flame required
  • Low hydrogen consumption
  • No nuclear / X-ray source

Selected Industries & Applications

Natural Gas Pipeline
  • Custody Transfer
  • Odorant Monitoring

Available models

Single model unit.

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  • SulfurChrome™ GC

    Inert Silico-Steel Capillary Columns

    Metal coating provides durability; thin layer of liquid on inner diameter, enabling complex separations up to C4 mercaptans or sulfides.

  • SulfurChrome™ GC

    10-Port Helium-Actuated Valve

    Assure flexibility and trouble-free operation for sample injection and column back-flush

  • SulfurChrome™ GC

    Flameless Combustion Detector

    Galvanic’s flameless combustion detector eliminates the “flame out” problems that can be the bane of traditional flame photometric detection techniques.

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