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viscosity measure, monitor - food processing




Detergents are primarily a blend of surfactants, water, buffers and other additives. While consistency is important for consumer confidence in the product, a more apparent problem for the manufacturer is control of the concentration to ensure proper cleaning action. Sampling and testing in the laboratory is one alternative but that takes extra time. Reliable process measurements of concentration are confounded by the ever-present random bubble concentration.


The VISCOLINER® transducer is mounted into the process pipeline or directly into a tank. The transducer may be flange or tri-clamp mounted. The VISCOLINER® transmitter is mounted at the process line or in a control room up to 1000 feet from the transducer.


The VISCOLINER® continuously monitors the viscosity of product during processing, mixing and reacting, and does so without sensitivity to the amount of air entrained in the product. Then, the VISCOLINER® acts as a stand-alone controller or as an integral part of a process control system to make process adjustments. This allows product to be produced consistently, therefore limiting scrap and rework. Check instrument calibration once a year.


Liquid detergent in a flowing system was monitored by a VISCOLINER®. The detergent started as a pure liquid, then began to foam as air was gradually introduced. The test showed no sensitivity to entrained air. The amount of entrained air tested spanned from 0-40% air by volume.


Temperature: 50°F to 120°F

Pressure: Atm to 150 psig

Viscosity: 50 to 600 cP


Temperature: -40°F to 850°F

Pressure: Vacuum to 5000 psig

Viscosity: 0.1 to 1,000,000 cP

Materials of Construction: 316SS


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viscosity monitoring - liquid detergent

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