Natural Gas Processing

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According to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), natural gas is America’s second largest source of energy, supplying 25 percent of all the energy Americans consume – trillions of cubic feet of natural gas each year. The natural gas coming out of the wellhead differs considerably from the final product that consumers use to heat their houses and cook their food, or that power plant and industrial customers employ to fuel their operations. It usually contains other hydrocarbons and contaminants, and significant process is required to render it suitable for transport and sale.

Increased competition and margin pressure in the industry means that natural gas processing companies need now more than ever to optimize every part of their process lines so they can maximize productivity and lower costs, while meeting quality specifications and contractual obligations, and complying with health, environmental, and safety regulations. For example, precise determination of such parameters as Btu content and H2S concentration of natural gas coming into and going out of processing facilities is critical in deciding the extent of processing required, optimization of the processing, and the routing of product within the facility. In-process monitoring during gas sweetening to remove acid gases can help control many aspects of the processes that left, unchecked, could lead to significantly higher costs, e.g., contact temperature, pressure, total acid gas loading, natural gas and amine feed flow rates, location of lean amine feed point on the absorber structure, and amine fluid degradation.

From input/output monitoring, to gas sweetening and sulfur-recovery process optimization, to environmental compliance monitoring and reporting – Galvanic systems deliver the utmost in ease-of-operation, precise measurements, consistent, field-proven performance and value.

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