Enabling precise dopant and etch-bath control and real-time monitoring for optimum quality, improved profitability, and to assure regulatory compliance

In 2014, the global semiconductor industry posted record sales of more than $355 billion, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association, and over the last 25 years, it has grown more than any other major U.S. manufacturing industry. In 2013, the industry sold 64 billion semiconductors in the U.S. alone – the equivalent of ~ 200 chips for each American.

The manufacturing process requires hundreds of repetitive steps typically performed over 10 days to a month or more to complete wafer fabrication. Eight to 20+ patterned layers are formed on the surface of the wafer by a series of processes including thermal oxidation, photolithographic patterning, etching, and doping, which are repeated until all active devices have been formed. Given the scale, timeframe, and complexity of the process, as well as the expense and safety profile of many of the raw materials, it’s paramount that all process parameters are maintained within their tightly specified ranges.

Extremely sensitive, rugged, and reliable, Galvanic systems are ideally suited to help assure semiconductor manufacturers meet process and regulatory requirements. From real-time measurement of arsine and phosphine in doping gases and optimizing the etching steps through analysis of hydrogen bromides, chlorides, fluorides, or sulfides in the etch bath, to monitoring stack emissions and wastewater to assure regulatory compliance − Galvanic systems deliver the utmost in ease-of-operation, precise measurements, consistent, field-proven performance − and value.

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