Enabling precise plating-bath control and real-time process and wastewater monitoring for optimum quality, improved profitability, and to assure regulatory compliance

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, utility-scale solar power generation capacity is expected to increase by more than 60 percent between the end of 2014 and the end of 2016 – averaging almost 80 gigawatthours (GWh) per day in 2016. Advances in manufacturing processes, including employing novel plating techniques and materials designed to reduce costs and increase the power-conversion efficiency of solar cells, are helping to drive demand. These techniques require advanced real-time measurement tools to maximize output and minimize waste.

Extremely sensitive, rugged, and reliable, Galvanic systems are ideally suited to help assure solar manufacturers meet process and regulatory requirements. From assuring that process water meets specified parameters to enabling real-time control of plating operations and headache-free compliance with effluent regulations − Galvanic’s systems deliver the utmost in ease-of-operation, precise measurements, consistent, field-proven performance − and value.

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