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AccuSeries Obtains IECEx Certification

CALGARY, Alberta, Canada, –   Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc. has obtained IECEx certification for the AccuSeries analyzers. The IECEx certification provides confidence in international trade in equipment and services for use in explosive atmospheres while maintaining the required level of safety. IECEx certification demonstrates how Galvanic continues to innovate, design and build cost-effective systems that optimize performance in the harshest monitoring environments.

“Obtaining this certification is significant for us because it opens up market access to refineries and gas processing plants outside of North America and the European Union,” said David Haydt, Director of Galvanic’s R&D and Applications Development.

The IECEx System has established a high level of confidence in those manufacturing, operating and maintaining equipment, installations, and systems in compliance with IEC International Standards. IECEx certification for equipment provides assurance that the strictest safety requirements of IEC International Standards, as referenced in many national or regional compliance programs, are met.

Galvanic’s AccuSeries consists of the AccuColor and the AccuSense. The AccuColor performs colorimetric analyses and color titrations, while the AccuSense performs ISE measurements and potentiometric titrations. Both models can be configured to perform any standard method, such as EPA, ASTM, and ISO. All methods are guaranteed to provide accuracy and repeatability of ± 2% full scale. Learn more about the AccuSeries at