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Beware of Knockoff Products

We are advising GALVANIC APPLIED SCIENCES customers that there has been an uptick in dishonest companies marketing knockoff spare parts for use in GALVANIC APPLIED SCIENCES analyzers.

For best practices, we recommend our customers purchase original GALVANIC APPLIED SCIENCES spare parts directly from GALVANIC APPLIED SCIENCES or from one of our authorized distributors listed on our website.

Purchasing GALVANIC APPLIED SCIENCES spare parts from other unofficial agents increases the risk of acquiring knockoff components. 

Non-OEM spare parts can severely impact the highly-complex technology and operation of GALVANIC APPLIED SCIENCES analyzers — as well as affect and place into question the accuracy and reliability of analysis results.

Non-OEM spare parts — lacking the advanced design, high-end materials, and controlled, complex manufacturing processes that are required to craft the genuine articles — are hazardous on many levels.  

  • Inferior materials cause abnormalities and affect measurement results
  • Impurities left behind by the failed process can contaminate surfaces and damage the analyzer
  • Fake components cannot always be distinguished by the naked eye and negatively impact performance

We are actively pursuing the end of the knockoff components and the adverse risks they present to instrumentation, performance, and analysis.

Please contact GALVANIC APPLIED SCIENCES directly for all suspect spare parts for assistance with questions and verification.