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Galvanic Unveils New ViscoSite Viscometer

CALGARY, Alberta, Canada, –   Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc. introduces their new Viscometer.  Based on its very successful Nametre Model 600 and 1810 transmitter, the ViscoSite introduces Modbus communication and is now ATEX / IECEx rated for Class 1 Div 2 applications.  The ViscoSite can measure viscosities from 0.1 to 106 cP and therefore can be used the following refinery applications:

  • Control of vacuum tower efficiency
  • Reducing costs in visbreaking
  • Control of Catalytic and Hydrocracking processes

Galvanic’s ViscoSite viscometers are dual component systems consisting of the transmitter and the sensor.  The sensor is hermetically sealed from the process and welded to a base that is installed in the reactor, tank, or pipe.  This ensures that the desired product quality will be achieved because the sensor can be installed at the point in the process where the critical viscosity measurement must occur.

Control of viscosity is important in these applications as precise, real-time viscosity measurements are critical to assuring product consistency and quality.  In today’s competitive environment, well-placed viscosity measurement lets you optimize your refinery processes for increased efficiency and lower costs.

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