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Hydrogen added to AccuChrome Measurement Capabilities

Galvanic adds Hydrogen to AccuChromeTM Measurement Capabilities

CALGARY, Alberta, Canada –   Galvanic's AccuChrome is capable of measuring hydrogen. The AccuChrome uses a second TCD with nitrogen carrier gas to measure the hydrogen in addition to the standard C6+ or C7+ analysis. The hydrogen addition allows the analyser to measure some refinery gases such as flare and some natural gas which may contain hydrogen.

The AccuChromeTM is the company’s third generation (PLGC3) Btu and hydrocarbon analyser, designed and built for critical process-monitoring and control applications in the harshest environments. Applications are wide ranging − from Btu and constituent analysis of natural gas during custody transfer and for gas turbine control in power generation, to process optimization during natural gas processing or petrochemical refining operations − to 40 CFR Subpart Ja flare-gas monitoring for regulatory compliance.