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Press Release: A Cost Effective, Low Maintenance Solution forĀ Flare Gas Monitoring

CALGARY, Alberta, Canada – Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc. offers high-value, low cost-of-ownership solutions for monitoring of H2S and total sulphur (TS) to assure full 40 CFR 60 Subpart Ja compliance.

Environmental authorities in the U.S. are requiring that process plant operators continuously monitor and
record flare emissions and associated flow rates and gas composition. The ProTech continuously measures the feed gas to flare for H2S compliance and where required provides a total reduced sulphur (TRS) or total sulfur (TS) analysis.

Galvanic’s ProTech H2S/TS analyser delivers fast, accurate, interference-free results using the most widely
accepted analytical method in use today – lead-acetate-tape detection. Rugged and reliable, the analyser has an exceptionally wide measurement range to meet all the EPA monitoring requirements. It exceeds performance standards of GCs, other lead acetate analysers and a wide variety of other detection technologies, but its economic cost of operation make it one of the highest-value H2S analysers on the market. With the ProTech analyser’s unique ability to analyse both H2S and TS, operators can use the same analyser throughout their facility, reducing spare parts inventory and lowering costs.

Galvanic's ProTech H2S/TS is a cost-effective, low maintenance, fast and space saving; making it the obvious choice for Flare Gas Monitoring.