FPA 4100™


FPA 4100™ Photometer for H2S, SO2, Chlorine, Oil in Water

Photometer for H2S, SO2, chlorine, and oil in water.

FPA 4100 monitors specific compounds in both gas and liquid samples.

Galvanic’s FPA 4100 family of process photometers enables measurement of the concentration of a wide variety of analytes in both liquid and gas streams. The photonics module can accommodate either UV or visible light sources and has a temperature controlled photo diode block for maximum signal stability. The light source and detectors are coupled to a measurement cell via fiber optic cables.

The FPA 4100 controller includes an intuitive user interface with an intrinsically safe, removable keypad, LCD screen, 10 LED indicator lights, and data-loading capability. Rugged and reliable, the systems offer multi-stream-analysis capability, delivering precise continuous measurement with no reagents or compressed gases required. Easy to use and maintain with auto-calibration capability using external standards, auto-zero compensation, and digital optimization of detector gains, the detector electronics are isolated from the process for optimum safety and stability. The FPA 4100 series also enables remote operation and diagnostics via an Ethernet connection.

Measurement Certainty

  • Continuous measurement without the need for reagents or compressed gases
  • Cell may be installed in a bypass line or in-line; measurement cells may be heating using an oven or by steam jacketing
  • Linear response to concentration
  • Multi-stream (up to 8) analysis option
  • No batch analysis
  • Temperature-controlled detector block and UV light sources for stability, long lamp life
  • Dual-wavelength measurement compensates for turbidity, changes in light intensity, optical window coating, and bubbles
  • Remote monitoring, diagnostics, and control via Ethernet connection
  • No moving parts are used in the photometer design, assuring high reliability and exceptionally low maintenance
  • Auto calibration and auto cell washing when required
  • Automatic lamp-failure detection flagged on the front panel; can also be transmitted via serial and digital output

Look Closer

  • FPA 4100™

    Controller with Intuitive User Interface & Removable Keypad

    Ten LED indicator lights, data-loading capability, and full menu access lets you view analysis results and alarms on the spot without opening the en-closure (as optional configuration). The analyzer can also be controlled remotely via Ethernet and a Web-based graphical user interface.

  • FPA 4100™

    Isolated Photonics Board for Maximum Stability

    The photonics board has temperature-controlled lamp and photo-detector blocks to assure maximum stability of the analyzer measurements. Configurations are available to monitor and correct for any UV lamp intensity changes.

  • FPA 4100™

    Flexibility in Sensor Cell Options

    The flow cell is available with many material options and temperature pressure ratings

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