AccuChrome GC FAQ

What is AccuChrome GC?

AccuChrome GC is a process analyzer that uses thermal conductivity detector (TCD) gas chromatography to measure Btu and hydrocarbons in gas samples.


What parameters can AccuChrome GC measure?

AccuChrome GC can measure a wide range of compounds such as Btu, Specific Gravity, Wobbe Index, Oxygen, CO, C6+, C7+, N2, Methane, CO2, Ethane, H2S, Propane, Iso-Butane, n-Butane, Iso-Pentane, n-Pentane, Neo-Pentane, and Hydrogen.


How many streams can AccuChrome GC monitor?

AccuChrome GC can monitor up to 8 sample streams using one analyzer.


What type of sample-phases can AccuChrome GC monitor?

AccuChrome GC can be supplied with sample conditioning systems suitable for handling vapor, vaporizable liquid, and non-vaporizable liquid applications.


Where is AccuChrome GC manufactured?

AccuChrome GC is manufactured in Calgary, Alberta Canada at an ISO9001 certified factory.