Monitek FAQ

What is Monitek?

Monitek is a process analyzer that uses turbidimetric and photometric methods to measure turbidity, suspended solids (TSS), and color in liquid samples.


What parameters can Monitek measure?

Monitek analyzers can be configured to measure turbidity, suspended solids, and/or color. Turbidity can be measured using a forward scatter or side-scatter method. Suspended solids are measured using an infrared absorption method. Color is measured using a dual-wavelength photometric method. 


How many streams and parameters can one Monitek analyzer measure?

Monitek transmitters can be configured with multiple sensors for multi-streaming as well as multi-parameter measurements. Each configuration is application-specific.


What materials of construction are Monitek's sensors?

Monitek sensors are engineered to order. Everything is customized from the material to the process connections. Sensors are designed for maximum compatibility with sample streams.


Where is Monitek manufactured?

Monitek is manufactured in Massachusetts, USA at an ISO9001 certified factory.