ProTech903 Tape FAQ

What is ProTech903

ProTech903 is a process analyzer that uses a tape method to measure H2S, total sulfur, arsine, phosphine, phosgene, or chlorine in gas samples.


What parameters can ProTech903 measure?

ProTech903 can measure hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and/or total sulfur. ProTech903 can also be configured to measure arsine, phosphine, phosgene, or chlorine. 


How many sample streams can ProTech903 monitor?

ProTech903 can monitor up to 4 sample streams with the D2, D1, and CE models. 


How sensitive is the ProTech903 measurement of H2S?

ProTech903 can measure H2S with 5 ppb sensitivity.


Where is ProTech903 manufactured?

ProTech903 is manufactured in Calgary, Alberta Canada at an ISO9001 certified factory.