ViscoSite FAQ

What is ViscoSite?

ViscoSite is a process analyzer that uses a torsional-oscillation method to measure viscosity in liquid samples.


What parameters can ViscoSite measure?

ViscoSite measures viscosity with user-defined units (e.g. cP, mPas, cSt) following ASTM D1084. These measurements are performed with automatic temperature compensation (ATC) built into the sensor. Density compensation is available using an external densitometer reading or by manually entering in the value.


How many streams can one ViscoSite analyzer measure?

ViscoSite is a dedicated analyzer that uses one sensor to measure viscosity in a single sample.


What materials of construction are ViscoSite sensors?

ViscoSite sensors are engineered to order. Everything is customized from the material to the process connections. Sensors are designed for maximum compatibility with sample streams.


Where is ViscoSite manufactured?

ViscoSite is manufactured in Massachusetts, USA at an ISO9001 certified factory.