On-Site Service

Galvanic At Your Service

Day or night, our expert field-service engineers are available on an emergency or scheduled basis to help you troubleshoot and resolve unplanned downtime events, assist with engineering, or provide training. Click here to view our terms and conditions for non-contracted on-site support services, described below:


Commissioning / Start-up & Training Services – Included with Galvanic Care Platinum+ program

Integrating a new system into your facility can be complex. Our service ensures that your Galvanic products are operating up to specifications and as required for your particular application. Galvanic’s field-service engineers will work with your team on-site during installation process, providing a variety of services, as need, such as:

  • Validation installation, operation, performance qualification (IO/OQ/PQ) − measures and documents specified instrument performance parameters to provide support for regulatory certification
  • On-site user training


Preventive Maintenance – Included with Galvanic Care Platinum+ program

Be prepared and assure your Galvanic products always run at peak condition with our preventive-maintenance services. Consult a Galvanic support-team member to discuss a preventive-maintenance schedule that’s right for your facility. On these visits our service engineers will:

  • Inspect the operation and connection of instruments
  • Upgrade firmware/software as required
  • Replace routine service items & clean critical parts that may affect performance
  • Remediate equipment problems
  • Complete documentation of all activities performed during scheduled visits
  • Use only Galvanic fully warranted new or remanufactured replacement parts, which ensures compatibility


Block-of-Time Services

By pre-purchasing services, you will have access to a wide range of on-site services to supplement your maintenance activities and improve your overall equipment effectiveness – at a significant savings compared to our standard pricing. This provides many benefits, including:

  • Improved budget stability – lower service costs
  • Simplified purchasing – purchase now, redeem when needed
  • Reduced unplanned downtime events – identification of impending failures during on-site service
  • Reduced downtime duration – faster problem resolution through priority dispatch



At Galvanic, we’ve designed a comprehensive, flexible training portfolio focused on helping our customers develop a workforce that is ready to meet any challenge. A Galvanic training specialist will work with you to Identify skill gaps and training objectives to improve job performance and productivity for novices to expert users. We offer an array of flexible headquarters-based, on-site, and on-line training programs that can be tailor-designed to meet your specific workforce-development goals. For example:

On-Site Start-Up Training – Focusing on users’ specific site needs comprising some theory and a practical hands-on guide to demonstrate the do’s and don’ts of proper equipment operation, e.g., how to start up or calibrate, set analysis parameters, prevent common problems, etc.
Back-to-Basics Training – We designed this course for individuals who have been using a Galvanic system, while lacking a solid foundation in the fundamentals. In this intensive course, you will get a chance to ask our experts about some of the principles behind the analytical methods you are using, while learning and practicing handy technical tips and advanced skills so you can achieve improved results.

Advanced AccuChrome GC (or ProTech 903, or AccuSeries, etc.) Workshop – Typically held at Galvanic’s Calgary, AB, Canada, or Massachusetts, USA, campus, this intensive, two-day course is designed for already-proficient users, responsible for the installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of the system, and those interested in learning the more-advanced features of Galvanic’s product. The curriculum includes lecture, interactive classroom discussions, presentations, and hands-on sessions.