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CALGARY, Alberta, Canada, – Galvanic Applied Sciences, Inc. is excited to announce a revolutionary new application for its AccuChrome™ gas chromatograph.

AccuChrome™ now has the capability of measuring hydrogen up to 50% full scale. The hydrogen measurement offers 200 ppm sensitivity and can be performed along with a complete stream analysis.

Galvanic developed this new application in anticipation of the “hydrogen revolution.” In an effort to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint, natural gas producers all the way down to end-users are strongly in favor of hydrogen blending.

While still in the research and development phase, hydrogen poses a wonderful opportunity to make natural gas a more environmentally friendly fuel source. In order to optimize blending injection, a hydrogen measurement will need to be performed.

AccuChrome™ is ready to support the natural gas value chain with an accurate hydrogen measurement that complies with GPA and ISO methods. AccuChrome™ uses a helium carrier gas to ensure there are no interferences when performing the measurement.

“Our new hydrogen measurement will be a lifesaver for metering stations, compression stations, and other custody transfer points,” says Peter Cartmell, platform manager. “AccuChrome™ is a workhorse that will ensure accurate hydrogen dosing control.”