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Press Release: New TDL Analyzer for H2S in Natural Gas Applications

CALGARY, Alberta, Canada, – Galvanic Applied Sciences, Inc. announces today the release of a new process H2S analyzer: AccuLase-GPA™ - the most sensitive tunable diode laser (TDL) H2S analyzer on the market.

AccuLase-GPA™ is an analyzer that measures low range H2S in natural gas. Built and supported in North America, AccuLase-GPA™ marks the 6th platform in Galvanic’s H2S analyzer portfolio.

“Galvanic has been supporting the natural gas industry for 40 years with process H2S analyzers. The AccuLase-GPA™ compliments our tape system to provide measurement certainty, sensitivity, and the best accuracy from low to high range H2S,” comments David Haydt, director of research & development.

AccuLase-GPA™ uses a proprietary measurement cell that detects H2S down to 0.15 ppm, rivaling the capabilities of lead-acetate tape technology. AccuLase-GPA™ is specific to H2S without methane, CO2, or benzene interferences. Since AccuLase-GPA™ does not require a scrubber system, the response time is 30 seconds. AccuLase-GPA™ can measure up to 4 streams with a wide measurement range of 0 to 500 ppm, covering the most critical natural gas applications.

AccuLase-GPA™ was designed for minimal hands-on maintenance. AccuLase-GPA™ does not require any utilities other than power consumption as low as 80 watts DC or 100 watts AC. Instrument air is not required because AccuLase-GPA™ is CSA Div. 1 & Div. 2 certified. Secure remote analyzer control is achieved using the local area network web-browser GUI platform. If you need an accurate, rugged H2S analyzer for natural gas processing, pipeline, or custody transfer applications, then AccuLase-GPA™ is the TDL analyzer of choice.

Keywords: Tunable Diode Laser; H2S in Natural Gas; H2S Pipeline Monitoring; H2S Custody Transfer

Applications: Natural Gas Processing, Pipeline, Custody Transfer; Refinery Fuel Gas


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