Brimstone FAQ

What is Brimstone?

Brimstone is a line of process analyzers that use a spectrophotometric method to measure H2S, SO2, COS, CS2 in sulfur recovery gas applications. Brimstone is used for acid gas, tail gas, and pit gas applications.


What type of measurement technique does Brimstone use?

Brimstone performs a broadband UV spectrophotometric measurement from 200 to 400 nm. This allows for maximum sensitivity while effectively compensating for interferences.


How is Brimstone installed?

Brimstone is close-coupled to the process pipe and provides in-line sulfur condensing with an efficient knockout temperature to minimize plugging. 


Where in the process can Brimstone be installed?

Brimstone can be mounted after the final condenser in the tail gas. Thanks to the analyzer's robust sample system, Brimstone can also be installed upstream after the first condenser.


What is Brimstone's response time?

Brimstone has a response time of ≤ 10 seconds.


Where is Brimstone manufactured?

Brimstone is manufactured in Calgary, Alberta Canada at an ISO9001 certified factory.